The times when you want to punch yourself.


So they are scared. Imran Khan‘s jalsa did its wonders; and now they’re going back to what they love doing whenever at threat: digging up skeletons.




Imran Khan, December 2007

People with a closet full should not go rummaging other peoples drawers. Literally and figuratively.


What Mr. Abidi and Mr. Abbasee were playing at, I couldn’t get. No honestly, I couldn’t. I doubt even the Executive Producer of this program could get what they were hurling at each other.


Mr. Abbasee, Sir, kindly try to practice what you preach. If you want an ADULT CONVERSATION, have the MANNERS to conduct one. Seriously. Get a tutorial on how to talk on NATIONAL TV. and then maybe I’d think over talking about you.

Disgusting, the way you handle a conversation; I shudder to think the way you would (God Forbid) handle the Ministry.


And Mr. Abidi, before you claim yourself as a part of “youth” go see yourself in a mirror, kindly. Because the moment you went all…

dekhain khizaab lagaya hai maine, botox ka injection lag raha hai?! main houn youth”


I threw up. If YOU are youth, I should probably head towards Raavi and bury myself deep.


SO WHAT IF HE IS 59?!! The grace, the aura, the charm, the charisma he possess has absolutely NOTHING to do with his looks OR the fact that he befriended a Non-Muslim. Sir, people use his name as a synonym to The Leader. He is, even at this age, able to get THE YOUTH, out and up and AWAKE. Sir, it has been YEARS to the World Cup Victory. I don’t think him basking in that glory is what got us entranced. US=YOUTH.


Hi Mr. Abidi, please let me guide you to understand the meaning of YOUTH.


  • No, youth is clearly not limited to only those who don’t use “KHIZAAB”; what IS khizaab? is the question a YOUTH would raise.
    Imran Khan during an interview
  • OH PUHLEEZ, botox? “Mera qaid nahi lagata botox?! really? honestly? Had my grandfather been alive, he would’ve honestly flipped out. THIS is YOUR criteria? Is this how you look up to your Leaders?! On the basis of their LOOKS?
He is A LEADER. And that’s exactly how he had been able to be where he is now. It was not “black money” or a “qaid sitting in London massaging his belly” who got him to this position. ALL BECAUSE HE IS HONEST?!
He did it on his TWO feet. and he did it ALONE. Thanks to you, and your low talks, and your taunts on his “OMG Firangee Biwi”!!
It is indeed the same “Firangee Biwi” on his side yet again. Because you know what?
No man would want to leave his two sons and come save his country.  NO MAN.
It would be better if you start picking on people your … age, grace, face?
Any of the above would do in your case.

6 thoughts on “The times when you want to punch yourself.

  1. i don’t understand the video. 🙂 to befriend a non-muslim people or not is a choice of an individual. but it would be nice to be friends regardless of race, gender, religion or whatever i think. people could learn from each other.


  2. Faisal Abidi thinks his ability to shift the discussion to irrelevant, petty trivia makes him a great debater. What he doesn’t understand is that it makes him come across as shallow, naive and childish. While his emotional outrage in defending his Quaid and making personal attacks on opponents is entertaining to some and makes for good ratings, most people think he is silly.

    Well written!


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