Accidents, Eid, Earthquake and Electricity malfunction…

Eid is not my favorite holiday, no thank you very much. For a lot of reasons, I just can’t enjoy it anymore. Yes, anymore. There was a time when I looked forward to it maybe in a time far far far far back, but eh. It’s lost its charm over the years.


Anyways, eid wasn’t dull this year as I had almost expected it to be. But yeah, it still didn’t do anything to make me go AWESOME. I MISSED MISSING YOU!


Why? This is why.


There was the mini accident I had that took my pinky toenail apart. Eugh. All day writhing in pain-looking for bandages and alcohol to put on it. But wow, discovery discovery-alcohol apparently loses its charm too (just like eid) over the years. So it didn’t work, and I had to spend the night with a bloody foot.


The next morning went fine unless you count that 4.5 jolt in the evening. I was busy cursing my luck on havign CHICKEN PULAO on a BAKRA EID, that my brother sitting next to me sat upright and screamed earthquake-catching my attention.


I didn’t believe him at first. He knew I was damn pissed at having CHICKEN on eid, maybe it was his way of distracting me. Turned out, he was least bothered about my rantings; and yes, we just got hit by an earthhquake.


I mean I am very light sleeper, a little jolt can wake me up from my deep slumber, so that earthquake couldn’t even bring me back to reality even in broad daylight. Knowing all that, witnessing it actually, when you see “BREAKING NEWS” flash up on tv that very instant claiming OMG-PANIC STIRS – EID -UL-EARTHQUAKE- you really want to smash that plate of CHICKEN PULAO on the newscasters stupid faces.


DUDE, we were there. who the eff are you talking about? Why can’t these media men take a pledge of HONESTY-if someone SHOULD-they’re on the top of the list-SHAME ON YOU MEDIA for trying to scare off poor people. There’s a limit to attracting attention via exaggeration-you’re claiming all that on NATIONAL TELEVISION-people WOULD believe you. Do your job right, would you??


Anyways, on another note, I have successfully burned my 2nd laptop charger this year, making it a total of 6 in 2.5 year. YAY ME!! HURRAY. YOHOOO!!! Thank you poor wiring, I WUV U.

I don’t earn that much to buy 2 laptop chargers/year than you cost me. EFF YOU.




YESH YESH. I created one, my own, my very own charger. ALHUMDULILLAH. ALLAH-O-AKBAR.

Thank you Eid, for coming for three days and closing down the supermarkets. BUT HA! BOO YA!


So, I present to you, dear readers, my lappy charger *sniff sniff*- a modification (yes yes, i twisted turned, glued, stitched previous wires and burnt chargers together-what did you actually believe I made a DIY laptop charger-no. I wish. but NO. there is no such things 😦 alas!)

My baby at work..

There is a reason I don’t wish people eid. Never have, never will. What I do say when someone wishes me is…

YOU TOO. and this eid I was refraining my self from adding. IN YOUR FACE. You never know.. eid comes for three days..


My7 year old  niece had a valid point this year. She saw all those dazzling streets, all the lights lightening up malls and shops all over the city.. and she says.. why are people wasting so much money on electricity? Shouldn’t they save and do something creative, who wants to see all these lights tonight. And I went, sweetie, its once a year, so maybe they want to show how happy they are on this great occasion (yes yes I don’t rub off my eid sourness on poor kids-they’ll learn themselves).


So she goes, ” but mai,  they do that for three days!” To that, I was :-s

Kid had a point, I love it when 7 year olds can talk sense but it’s sad when 70 year old dunces in the Ministry won’t.


2 thoughts on “Accidents, Eid, Earthquake and Electricity malfunction…

  1. Wow that is great news!
    I wish the West learns soon from this noble example and give Muslims their well deserved holiday there as well.

    Well Eid is our (Muslims) religious holiday that we observe twice every year. 🙂 We celebrate this one by sacrificing a goat/cow/camel/ in the name of Allah and distribute meat to relatives and the poor.


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