Immie A Chance!

With 2012/2013 elections drawing nearer there is a cry of CHANGE in the air.

And I wonder, why people want it so bad, and even more so why some people don’t?

There could be only one reason they don’t want CHANGE – they are too content with what they have. Err, and this is what they have…

  • Corruption, deceit, manipulation, injustice, a sunk economy, financially unstable market, crippled social structure, heightened crime rate, power hungry ministers, and above all- extreme inequality of wealth.
Yeah, you do wonder right, why they are too afraid to allow change. Are they afraid whoever might take over would lead their nation to worse. And here I ask, do you actually believe this can get ANY MORE WORSE?
No, I am not a die-hard Imran Khan fan or as some have started calling them a Khanophile, but I am however, BIG on change. Having studied the Economics of Pakistan in depth, I believe there’s nothing wrong with allowing Mr. Khan to have chance at the Ministry. and WHY NOT?
What HAVE we achieved with this dynasty rule? I think we were better off when we were ruled by Mughals. Even then, outsiders sought our weaknesses, and aimed to destroy us from within. Why can’t we see that?
What ARE we waiting for? That Politics would somehow change if the same rulers were given another chance? REALLY? 3rd time lucky, is that how we are now going to chose our ruler? Wow. I am truly amazed at people who can’t see the statistics. What have we got to lose now? AND why again would we want to trust the same rulers, who have thwarted our trust a million times.
And SHAME on those people who have started calling him a hypocrite. ALL because he married a woman he loved? Wow.
There’s this saying in Urdu, which if said in Urdu, can deliver the right message.
Beyghairatoun apnay girehbaano main jhaanko pehle! Kameeno tumney bohat naam roshan kia haina apnay Mulk ka tou jo ub koi kernay ja raha hai tou tumhey maut ai parree hai!
And then there are some who call him immature.. “bacha hai ubhi!”  Dude, the guy’s about to turn 59, he’s old enough to be Hina Rabbanis father and WTF she’s heading a Ministry she doesn’t even possess a “rutti bhar” of knowledge about. But, yes, Madam Khar does indeed have given Miss Sarah Palin a run for her money. And that’s exactly the basis of how we select our Foreign Ministers. And obviously having deep insight of crude language is the only criteria we seek for our Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting. Well if these people can’t really see the good of it all, my Country is doomed to go into the hands of the dogs again, and fashionistas, and the doodh walis.
GIVE IMRAN KHAN A CHANCE. So far, what he promised he delivered. So far, he’s still waiting, bidding his time; when he could’ve easily lived a life of Glory, he chose us, why are we being so selfish in not choosing him.
Ask yourself this, can you do BETTER than him? and you have your answer. Stop criticizing someone who hasn’t yet played the field. LET HIM and then you can bullshit all you want if he falls short of his agendas.
This isn’t just about Nationalism or Patriotism. It’s about what being loyal. He has given us so much, lets do it to show him how much we appreciate him. Lets do it to show him, we trust him. Lets do it, because this is what our mothers taught us too.  Lets give peace a chance.
Leading Hope in Lahore

5 thoughts on “Immie A Chance!

  1. I am in complete agreement with you. The only logical next step, given what the conventional political leadership has given our country, is to look for a credible alternative. At this time, there is none other than Imran Khan. Of course, I don’t agree with all his policies, but I broadly agree with his vision and, above all, he’s the only one who I believe and trust will make a faithful effort to actually implement strategies to execute that vision. Whenever I come across those who are critical and disagree, calling him too sympathetic to militants or too much of a personality cult, I ask them: if not him, then who? They never have a good answer.


    1. I really don’t understand how people on one hand say he’s a disguised version of JUI and the same people go on about saying how much of a “sleazy playboy” he’s been. Excuse me, last I checked, they were completely antonyms of each other.
      Decide on what he is later, when you get enough proof.

      If my children get to have Bilalwal Bhutto as their Ruler, this is the worst fate they can have, even much worse than ours (considering we have had his father, mother and grandfather-all three of them).


    1. Yeah but scared is OK when you are unsure about the outcomes. Here really nothing worse can happen. Honestly, not a chance.

      We’ve had Democratic rule (read PPP & PMLN) and then Military time and again. Of these two oft repeated, what could get much worse? People need to have faith, strong utmost faith, and maybe just maybe they’ll pave way for a change in their destiny.


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