Fastest 500 I ever wrote.

Accidents and mistakes are lessons that teach you to be careful for the next time. But if they keep on happening, there must be something wrong with you.

But what if, they weren’t accidents or mere mistakes you made in ignorance? You did what you had to do each time, purposely. And if those experiences repeat again, you would do what you’ve always done-what you thought was right. So how come, it’s wrong? How come, you have to regret doing it because you didn’t get what you actually deserved for your kind act? But you didn’t do it to be noble, right? It was just the right thing to do. But, why are YOU always the one who gets to see this, and no one else?

Why does everyone else turn a harsh back towards you when the tables are turned? Why don’t they do the right thing for you, like you used to do for them a million times before thinking about the consequences? They were friends, right? Best friends, who vowed to stick with you no matter what; you could count on them without asking. But you played your part perfect, so where have they all gone now? And why have they left without telling? Shouldn’t you be given a little more credit and be told that you’re being ditched? However harsh they may seem it might sound when said, but you would prefer being told about it, rather waiting long hours for them to come and find you and ask about you and tell you how you are not alone; be there for you, even just with their soothing words, like you’ve put yourself out there always for them.

Does that make you a desperate? Maybe they saw you like one- someone who did it all for attention, to get noticed, to be appreciated. Is this what you are asking even now? Isn’t it attention that you want now? No? Reflect back, and see where you went wrong.

For the starters, why did you always ask if something was troubling them? People need their space, let them be. They’ll figure out a way, thank you very much. Nobody needs you to be up all night consoling them.

You should’ve left them alone when you saw them struggling with their problems. Clearly lending a kind ear isn’t what you should’ve done.

You should’ve never put them first when they were desperate for some hope. Leaving them to deal with their miseries is what you should’ve done.

When they called you at odd hours, and needed just to hear you, to distract them away from worries, to talk to you because you knew exactly what would bring a smile on their face; no matter how busy you were, no matter if you had had no sleep since past 3 days because you were with them, helping them deal with their insomnia-couldn’t you tell it was all a LIE? No, they never wanted you in their lives for good. Pfft… what made you believe they’ll always be there for you, would always know when you need them without you telling? Get a life. They had one, and chose to fuck you, thoroughly enjoyed it and MOVED ON.

If you still can’t see them get worried, it’s YOU who has a problem. Stop being so FUCKING nice!


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