whywontmy lyrics come out like this?

When you flash up on my phone,
I no longer feel alone,
No longer feel alone.

Umm, no actually I wish you stop it. Really, get the hint.

Its sad I found the T-pain version BEFORE I heard this one. I have a sad life, yeah. :-(

Anyways, there was a time I used to hide from reality. Its really a funny thing actually. You act out so brave and bold-but then you start to mumble jumble at the right moment when really you should be shouting out loud-clearly. Two years ago this day, I WISH I was this brave but then why? I mean it turned out well, no? I am fine, maybe fine tuned now to the point that I’d rather make others run away from me. Haha, oh you used to run away from me before this? Book Chor you!

YOU DON’T GET MY BLOG BY THIS POINT. yes because its about ME. Do you know ME? NO. Do you want to ? NO. Why not? UMMM look up, doofezzz.

Uhneweyz, randomly found a song I should’ve written-Alas, Miss Paris beat me to it. Well played, well played indeed. Although I dearly wish someone does a cover on it SOON.

In my fantasy no such thing as time 
Minutes bleed into days
Avant garde art
Show me your heresy
And I’ll show you mine 
We only speak in pantomimes on this carpet ride

I ain’t afraid to let it out 
I’m unafraid to take that fall 
But I have found beyond all doubt 
We say more by saying nothing at all 


P.S. Oh and I added a new category to my blogs today. If you are such an avid stalker and reader and found this HIGHLY crappy. yeah well READ before complaining. Pfft

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