Regrets a really weird feeling- you feel sorry, sad, angry, helpless, and happy all at the same time.

Sorry for yourself, if you were fooled.

Sorry for someone else, if you fooled someone else.

Sad for yourself, if it’s a loss you’ve experienced.

Sad for someone else’s loss.

Angry if you start to blame yourself or someone else for that mistake.

Helpless because it’s been done, and you can’t undo the past.

Happy, maybe later in your life, having learned from this blunder only to be more cautious to repeat it.


Like I said, it’s a weird package. There is no remedy, no spell, no antidote, and no technology that can’t turn back time. There is literally NOTHING you can do. So why cry, why feel remorse, why the anger, the screams and that hatred?

All this while I am left to wonder, didn’t you see this coming? You DID. You saw it all with your own very eyes, you mapped out everything that would happen, so WHY NOW? Why did you choose to ignore those signs then? And now you’re backing away like it’s all new, like its all wrong, like you were lost, like it was all a delusion, that you were compelled into doing it all.

ANSWER ME! And if you can kindly, FACE ME.



Burst my bubble!

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