Moon landings a lie.. and love.

Been in love? Had your heart broken, yeah?  Howled in misery? Cried out into the night? Would probably die to hear those three words one more time, right?

I’ve got three words for you too.


Don’t believe me, fine. But go read Love Story.

Honestly. If you don’t feel like kicking yourself hard for being so pathetic and disgusting like this being then come to me, I shall love to do the honors!

REALLY? If this is love, I am so glad I don’t have this disease; Relieved actually that I don’t even believe in it.  REALLY? You’ve actually CRIED because he doesn’t call you? REALLY? You blame yourself for what happened to the two of you? REALLY, give yourself another one where it really hurts. And no, it’s not the heart. It’s meant to PUMP blood all around your body, if it’s aching, either its gas, or more likely you’re getting a heart attack. Call a doctor. But in her case I would suggest Mental Hospital.

Oh come ON people, wake up!!! You actually believed they’d never leave you? :-p really? Wasn’t it obvious the time when they left someone else for you?

Anyways, I had just wanted to give you an EYE OPENER. You sound like this. Honestly. You do. This much pathetic multiplied by 10,000 when you actually say all this to someone else.  Try saying this out loud because I know one point in time when your special someone had left you, you did wail this out to your “best friend” whom you instantly remembered being “the one who was (actually) always there for you, not matter what.” *sob sob?*

Come back. No I am talking to you, whiner. Come back to reality. You DON’T want to be this pathetic! For someone who I am sure counts you off as a number on their fingers!!!

For yourself and the sanity of many- WAKE UP.

Also stop reading Twilight. Stephanie Meyer raped literature. And now she’s meddling with your brains. They won’t DIE for you, nor would they DIE when you would. They’d find someone else as they found you.


Burst my bubble!

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