Asthma, meet Dengue.. Dengue, mee… OH GO FUCK YOURSELF!

It is not a good feeling at all.. getting bitten by those white slimy creatures..

but my mom did.. so did my brother.. and it was pretty awful tending to them..

but then what was way more awful… GETTING IT YOURSELF.

Thanks Mom, Thanks bro 🙂 you’re a gem.


  1. Its curable.( Not an awful fact? Read No.2)
  2. The cure : Those God awful Papaya leaves extract! To be drunk twice a day.
  3. The pain: HEADACHES! JOINT PAIN! 😦 owww.
  4. If you are anemic, you’ll be fainting left right and center 😦
  5. DRINK JUICES! Energile works best.
  6. Oh I forgot the itching and the allergy. Like you already had a pretty face that you start having boils appear all over your face 😦
  7. DO NOT SCRATCH!! it can get ugly, you have been warned. I endured a whole night. YOU CAN TOO!!!
Keep a good check on your platelets, every second day… and hopefully, you’d be up and running in a week or two. Takes two if you don’t rest!!
REST. DRINK PAPAYA LEAVES JUICES. THE LEAVES HAVE THE CURE you stupid people!! don’t eat the papaya!!!
Been there, done that. why would i lie?

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