my mess

My best friend asked me to write a song.. about my mess.

I couldn’t say no to her.. and obviously.. we never fail to boast to each other about how awesome we both are..

so here goes..

I woke up today feeling a little dizzy

Found the world around me in a mad frenzy

Got no clue what happened last night

The scars and the blood on me suggests I must’ve gotten into a fight

I get up, head aching bad

I am alive hey, I should be glad!

I search around everything’s missing

Taken away and snatched from me

But I am only looking around for you everything else is meaningless

I need you only to get me outta this mess

I am starting to choke now; it’s all coming back to me

How can I forget, and let it slip off my memory

I shake myself try to pull myself together

Ingrain the truth into myself again you aint coming back to me ever

This is the moment when fate dawns on me

How could I let this happen so suddenly?

Wasn’t it supposed to last eternity?

That’s what you told me that day you met me

It couldn’t get any worse than this

I am to remain forever in this mess

My mess

My mess.

Burst my bubble!

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