Priced at approximately $750.. iPhone 4s is a beauty, no doubt.

And this beauty is short-lived. Why, you ask? Umm till they release iPhone 5 and we’re all ogling at it.

So why buy when my phone apparently has (almost) the same features as my current phone; Like iPhone 4s,

  • It sends and receives text/calls
  • It can access internet
  • It can take pictures, videos, records audio
  • Has an expandable memory
  • Has games (I don’t play them-so I doubt I’d play any iPhone has)
  • It can play music and download too

This is my phone:

This is iPhone 4s.

I see no difference.

My friends reading this would go.. “ker dee na sasstee baat!” Translation: That’s so cheap, M!

So, where was I? Yeah..

In the price of iPhone, I can

Get one of these at least

  • 100 Novels
  • 100 Branded T-shirts/bags/shoes/jeans
  • buy enough make-up to last at least 10 years (knowing the amount of make-up I use)
  • Get a new blackberry plus revamp my wardrobe
  • Get a new laptop

And I guess the list goes longer… listing what I require as bad as an iPhone..

Y U No - iphone y u no affordable

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