A boy who played in my brother’s soccer team killed himself today.

WHY? Most of you would ask..

From what I gathered, this 16-year-old felt pressurized by his family to do well in his studies. However, repeated failures and lack of support from family members drove him to this insane act. Last (2 am in the morn) he told his friends via a text message was how his parents have kicked him out of the house, and he would very much like it if any of his friends came to meet him. Considering the time when he sent that text out was quite sensitive for other 16 old boys to wander outside, everyone refused, thinking he might be joking.

Neighbor heard a gunshot a few moments later.

HOW? Another majority will ask…

He shot himself with his elder brother’s gun. Being raised in the family of army-men, it wasn’t exactly a difficult task procuring one. One shot was all it was that took.

WHAT NOW? I don’t think anybody would bother ask this…

The end? It can’t be, right? A life, so precious from its inception. The journey from the womb of a mother to a deathbed can’t be just meaningless.

The kid, in his ignorance and more so in his misery tried to end it all. BUT DID HE?

What about the parents who will never ever forgive themselves?

Should they wait for their end too, so they can get rid of the guilt that shall now haunt them forever more?

Surely death is not a solution.

We were bestowed a LIFE for a reason. Why do we fail to see it? Why are we here? What is this journey? Science fails me here, we’ll be raised again. Indeed. But are we all ready for the after-life? Should we be even ready for the after-life?

Death is not a solution, it’s a reason. But why are we all too self-possessed into not thinking about it. We are born, we live, we die.

Is that life?